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What lures us die-hard Oktoberfest fans to Munich each and every year without fail? Why do we return again and again to re-experience the world’s biggest festival?

Is it the beer? For sure, it’s probably the best in the world. No additives, no chemicals, just lots and lots of pure unadulterated water, hops and yeast resulting in double the taste (and alcohol content) of a normal beer. It’s smooth. It’s flavorful. It’s wickedly deceptive in its ability to seduce you. One sip and you’re powerless to halt its ingestion. Wildlife Removal Round Rock

This drug-like concoction is served by full-bosomed waitresses with elongated arms that cradle up to two-dozen liter steins of beer. They seem to defy the laws of physics by carrying more beer than their own body weight. Their bosoms must somehow stabilize their cargo. I have not seen one topple yet.

As an additional bonus, the hangovers look less thunderous. Maybe it’s because of the purity of this brew. Then again, maybe it’s because the ingestion starts up the next day before your brain has a chance to register the carnage in the day before.

Ooh the food. Fat aside, its appeal will bring tears to your eyes. Forget the calories, forget the cholesterol and forget about the numerous animals that have given up their lives to your gluttony. There’s the yummy’rubber eagles’, seasoned whole chickens broiled in their own juices as they rotate over and over before your loving eyes. Then there are the delicious sausages, the sauerkraut that isn’t actually sour, the sauerbraten in gravy, the shwein-hoxen coated in a layers of hardened broiled fat, the radishes that uncoil like slinkies, the fragrant cheeses and the many sugary convections. All are designed to please your taste buds and lay waste to your wardrobe.

Maybe. Where else can you find six million people from all reaches of the globe united in blissful rejoicing uninhibited by language, politics, personalities or decorum. Standing on chairs and tables, increasing mammoth beers, swaying and dancing to oom-pah-pah music and ancient American rock songs seems to unite cultures over any United Nations assembly ever could. Forget about terrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the idiocies that drive a wedge between our varied cultures. Ein beer, zwei beer, drei beer and all is forgotten. We all become long lost friends forever or at least for the moment.

Is it the traditions, the parade of floats, beer wagons and costumed Bavarians parading in the Oktoberfest grounds? The children, the parents and the grandparents all wearing clothing and enjoying music originated by their ancestors makes us long to participate in the festivities.

How about the beer halls and gardens, the glockenspiels, the magnificent castles and palaces, the obsessive cleanliness, the green parks, and the efficient U-bahn and S-bahns

that effortlessly wisk you from one corner of Munich to another? They all to increase the magic of a culture innocently preserved from generation to generation, changed, but not spoiled by the twenty first century.

They all blend together to provide an experience unequaled by any other. A reality enhanced by ingestion of good frothy beer and fabulous food, friendships that ignore borders and traditions never forgotten all seem to induce you to return again and again to this superb magical land.

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